Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You feeling it yet? Bet your loved one has.....

The Texas heat, man is it a coming! While today boasting a balmy Low to Mid 90's across areas like Huntsville, Houston, Dayton, with a feels like on the brink of Triple digits. And Gatesville nailing the 99 degree marker with feels like 101, it sure must be gettin mighty warm in them prisons. It's been a strongly heated (pun intended) discussion on some boars for the last few days. Inside temperatures reach upward of 105 to 110 degrees in the middle of the day in indoor areas at some facilities. All the while the dead of silence surrounds the HVAC systems at TDCJ facilities. Why is this? Well we all know the old mighty dollar isn't fairing so well, and W's old friends in TX aren't helping do much about the cost of energy either.

What the TDCJ fails to understand, or maybe refuses too, it that the upfront savings cooking the inmates might be, the back end is gonna cost them a pretty penny. While I have heard the arguments, and trust me I have heard some fairly ridiculous excuses, most of them revolve around the same thing, just slightly candy coated. MONEY.

It's even almost a point to laugh about when you red the TDCJ's preparedness plan....
Subject: Summer Heat Preparations 2008

It is that time of year when employees and offenders will be affected by extreme heat conditions. As a reminder, due to the potential for extreme heat conditions in upcoming months, it is imperative that everyone take precautions to help reduce heat-related illnesses. Administrative Directive 10.64, "Temperature Extremes in the TDCJ Work Place", and Health Services policy B-15.2, "Heat Stress" should be reviewed by staff for general awareness. Unit training should be completed by June 1, 2008. It is very important to ensure all training has been documented in the employee's file. Pocket cards with tips for recognition, treatment, and prevention of heat-related illnesses are available for units to order from the Prison Store. Wardens need to ensure all correctional employees are provided with or currently have pocket cards.

On May 27, 2008, staff from various departments (Offender Transportation, Health Services, Risk Management, Laundry and Food Service, Environmental, and Plans and Operations) met to review and discuss issues regarding precautions and actions taken last summer and to discuss actions for the upcoming summer. Following, you will find a list of precautions/ actions to be implemented starting June 1, 2008 and ending October 1, 2008. If the need arises, implementation may begin prior to June 1, 2008.

Ensure employees and offenders are aware of the signs and treatment for heat-related illnesses by conducting training. (oh trust me by now they know)

Provide additional water. Ice should be provided if available to employees and offenders in work and housing areas.

Restrict outside activity (work hours) in accordance with AD 10.64.

Ensure all staff and offenders working in areas of extreme heat (i.e., field, maintenance, yard squad) are provided frequent water breaks. (plus the previously obvious statement)

Refrain from transporting psychiatric in-patient offenders to another facility via chain bus.

Transport offenders during coolest hours of the day. (can't argue with that logic)

Screen outgoing chains to ensure that the selected mode of transportation is appropriate.

Allow offenders to take fans when being transported off the unit for medical appointments. (ok, either they have battery operated ones for use on the way or, you are telling me that there is no A/C in the area used to treat inmates for heat related injuries or illness?)

Utilize INFOPAK report (IMS042) listing offenders with heat-sensitive medical restrictions (includes but not limited to offenders on psychotropic medication).

Load and Unload transfer vehicles as quickly as possible. (Security at every back gate is the first priority, but we must always be aware of heat-related issues when buses occupied by offenders sit for any length of time. Every reasonable effort should be made to ensure buses get in and out of the back gate in a safe and expedient manner.)

Transfer vehicles parked for more then 15 minutes are required to place a fan, previously purchased, on the vehicle. Units should ensure that fans, extension cords, etc. are in place and available when needed. ( a fan? to keep a BUS cooled while it's parked in the Texas sun, that is paramount to using a spoon to shovel the snow off your drive in the Winter)

Store paper towels on transportation vehicles to be wet down to utilize in emergencies. (transportation) (provided they don't forget the water)

Water coolers on buses should be refilled at various times during the day to maintain water at appropriate temperature. (transportation)(oh don't worry the driver's going to make sure the water is fine for him)

When utilizing fans, air should be drawn through the structure and exhausted outside. Take full advantage of the fresh air exchange system and/or prevailing winds to assist in the movement of air as applicable. (does HVAC mean anything to them at all?)

Increase airflow by utilizing blowers, when and if appropriate, normally used to move hot air in the winter. Attach ribbons to vents to ensure blowers are being used appropriately. Ensure all maintenance to blowers has been completed. (well we all know a bad blower just sucks, sorry had too)

Allow additional showers for offenders. (this brings up the issue of the water temps being excessively high, another post will follow on that)

Allow offenders to wear shorts in dayroom and recreation areas.

Make water available during meal times. (they don't normally?)

Make sure window screens are clean so as not to restrict airflow. (just how dirty do they let them get?)

Remember that offenders' fans should not be confiscated due to property restriction during this time. Fans should only be confiscated if they are considered contraband. (i.e., they have been altered.)

Fans will be allowed in all custody levels (to include administrative segregation and disciplinary status). Offenders with fans stored based on these restrictions shall have their fans re-issued for the time period specified in this posting.

All offenders shall be permitted to purchase a fan if they do not have one.

Ensure that the fan re-cycling program is in place, allowing the permanent issue of a fan to an offender who has been indigent for the previous six months on a first-come, first-serve basis. Offenders who have significant medical needs, based on a condition or medication that is negatively impacted by the heat, shall be given priority. (of course this and the 2 previous statements only apply if they have electrical outlets, which most State Units do not)

Wardens are encouraged to coordinate with their Food Service Department to ensure their ice machines are working properly. (they don't normally maintain these?)

Authority: Rodney Cooper, Deputy Director
Prison and Jail Manangement

Well thank you TDCJ for the precautionary measures. While some of these may help, the rest are really a band-aid on the problem not a solution. Plain and simply, one death caused by over expossure to heat could potentially cost the TDCJ, The State of Texas and it's Taxpayers much more than the cost of running currently in place HVAC systems at a minimal level. No one os saying they need to cool the place down to 70 degrees, mid 80's would more than solve and prevent any issues or complaints. Here is a thought, you know that area where the Staff has been having to wear their Jackets cause they keep it too cold.. OPEN the DAMN DOOR!

Not only does the TDCJ fail to recognize the immediate health issues the rising temperatures will undoubtedly cause, they never address the fact that it is also a safety concern. Prolonged exposure to the heat will cause stress and aggravation among the inmate population, aggravation that in turn can easily turn into violence, against other inmates or TDCJ staff itself.

Maybe the fact that we spend all the money trying to put as many people in prison as we possibly can (over 172,000 in 2005 in Texas) leads to too many shortfalls in other areas, not to mention the normal wasted spending in all areas of Government. Let's spend some of the taxers payers on lowering the population through rehabilitation, education and reform, improving the Parole and Probation systems, and reducing the number of non violent first time offenders getting exorbitant sentences. Investing in renewable energy resources to provide power to the Facilities, overall everyone comes out ahead.

Recently in the news one of Texas' many Oil tycoons announced he was investing some $200 Million on building windmill Farms in Texas. Hmm, let's see here, a lot of land surrounds Prisons, land that will only be used to build more, and bigger prisons, which will exacerbate the already growing Budget of the TDCJ. Let's think for a second, Public/Private partnerships, the State allows the Windmills on TDCJ owned in land, in exchange for power from those windmills to provide electricity for the nearby prisons. Win/win?

You be the judge, do you want to continue to pour your hard earned dollars into an already obviously failed system, or get more for you buck, help the environment, treat humans like human beings, lower energy costs across the board and provide work in areas that need it?

Wise up Texas... it's not only about "prisoners" the impact is far reaching.

I'd like to thank the folks over at Grits For Breakfast ( for mentioning this blog in theirs today. Keep up the great work, not only does the blog provide me with great inspiration, but it sort of makes me hungry too!!


a p.o. mother said...

yes,i have a loved one in lane murry unit. i recived 2 letters from her and she stated that her cellmate is a butch and for the past 2 weeks has been beating her in her head she has sent complaints in got to see the nurse once and was given a couple of tylenol. she has a black eye and cuts on her knots all over her head. the guards just turn the other way and do nothing. in their mission statement it says all prisoners are to be kept safe and have a feeling of security have a positive environment that empowers them effective management and monitoring. where is all that when it comes to my child. she is 18 not a violent person and they won'tt take her to see a doctor or get a c.t. of the head incase she has a subdural hematoma or bleeding which can cause brain jury brain damage and if nit treater even death. this is not some third world country but our own usa she is an american citizen for GOD's sakes. animals have better protection and rights i am one p.o. mother. collinstijerina

cruznad said...

I saw my son yesterday at The Allred Unit in Iowa Park TX. They have been on lock down and it is over 110 degrees in there. This is insane. What happen to the Administrative Directive 10.64 "Temperature Extremes in the TDCJ Work Place", and health Services policy B-15.2 "Heat Stress". I think the Warden and all employees file for training needs to be checked and verify that all have pocket cards. Concern Family

cruznad said...

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