Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome Friends

This is my very first attempt at a "blog". I am the husband of a Texas Inmate. Through these unfortunate set of circumstances that are now a part of my everyday life, I have come to learn maybe too much about the TDCJ.

As many other ordinary citizens, American's, do I never gave it much thought. Thought of the "system"? No, with so many other things that affect our lives every single day, economics, family, careers etc., who has time right?

Well, now I know first hand, I know because I've been thrusted into first hand accounts and experiences shared by many of us American's who have loved ones incarcerated for one reason or another.

No longer can I, turn a blind eye because it doesn't "affect" me! It does, and it affects you, all of you, relatives, friends and ordinary Citizens. If you have someone in the system, it affects you personally, emotionally and impacts your daily life. If you don't. it affects you, in taxes at a very minimum.

I do not intend to take away from the views or rights of the victims of crime, they too are affected, the poorly run systems don't do a thing to rehabilitate or reform and thus nothing is done to prevent or reduce crime in our Nation.

I'm not sure where this will al lead, but I know I am and will continue to be a better American because of it. I realize the importance of accountability from Government and all of it's agencies. I realize the importance of preserving basic human rights. And I recognize the power and freedom of the First Amendment, and plan to fully embrace and exercise that right.

So here we go.....


Texas mom said...

Thank you for your efforts. I am the parent of a Texas inmate – sentenced to prison for a drug crime that involved no victims, first offense. Basic human rights are being denied our incarcerated family members -- we are not allowed to (nor should we be allowed to) treat an animal the way we treat our prisoners. I am talking about the heat inside the prison units in the summer. Some units do not even have electrical outlets so the prisoners cannot even purchase a fan. Units may have big fans, but the air does not circulate to all areas of the prisons. This is a very sad, scary situation, given the mood inside prison. The heat is ON.

doc's honeee said...

Excellent looking blog!! There will never be a loud enough voice, until reforms are in place.
This is another step.
Peace Marianne

kittkatt said...

I am a concerned parent of a Texas inmate.Honestly I never gave the Texas prison system any thought till my son became an inmate. TDC is so broken.. I have written, emailed and called with little or no response on many issues. The system has so many opportunity's.
Where do you begin? I will continue my efforts as I hope many others will. Change will only happen with our voice. Thank you for caring and your efforts.

Nick's Mom said...

I am also the mother of a Texas inmate whose crime was non-violent and first offense. If animals were housed in the conditions our sons, husbands, brothers, sisters, etc. are, people would be horrified, yet many people have no idea there is no air conditioning and some would not care anyway. Heat stroke is very serious and it happens where people live in a space with many others that is like a brick oven. Also, tempers flare when the heat is so all-consuming and causes problems not only for the inmates, but the staff as well. I am glad you started this blog, but we still need to start a petition to send to our senators and representatives to try and get some relief for our loved ones.

wayne said...

Why is my wife suddenly in Goree please?

Can you perhaps assist me?

Plane and Goree don’t know much as I have called them for information.

What is going on with Katherine M. Slavit please?

kittkatt said...

Unfornunately sometimes their is no rhyme or reason why they move our loved ones around. It could be they are overcrowded or they need to move line classes around to even out the population. Visit the PTO website and do a search for Goree. I am sure someone will be able to help you find out info on Goree.

sunray's wench said...

Wonderful to see a husband of a female inmate airing their views openly. I agree with you 100% ~ if TDCJ have rules, then we need to make sure they follow them just as much as they make sure we do. Openness is the key, between family members and TDCJ staff.

I look forward to reading your posts!

jan said...

glad that amy posted your info on the backgate civilian site. we can learn from each other and hopefully offer support along the way. the prison officer and family of offenders sites have allowed me to discuss issues and concerns with some very powerful and caring individuals. I'll be checking in.

cjSweetwater said...

Having worked in the Texas system during the summer I can tell you that it gets unbearably hot behind those walls. Heat related medical conditions are common and they are rarely treated appropriately. I have seen many people fall out because of the heat. I am now married to an offender who is located at the Michael Unit in Tennessee Colony. I went to visit last weekend and we sat inside of the visitation room. It was air conditioned (for visitors benefit), but it was stil about 80 or 85 in there. My husband tells me it was 108 in his cell with 2 fans blowing around hot air. Sounds like a version of Dante's Inferno to me. He told me that the inmates are having to pay for ice there if they want it. Now to be fair, I want to say that generally a good number of the CO's are out in that heat too. I would welcome anyone of them that want to sign our petition too!


I am a grand mother to an Inmate I it is a shame the way they are TREATED, Inmates are dying because of the heat in the summer, and in the winter they turn on the AIR, now that is a shame. They are not dogs they are humans, but our Governor etc, do not care it is a shame


I Pray for all the Mother's, grand Mothers and sisters, brothers, and fathers that have a love one in the Prison system, cause they are treated so very bad. I have a grand son that is in Prison and I must tell u its BAD. But I Pray and I Pray that God intervine cause this is all we can do. Keep Praying